Swell Digital Marketing Agency

We’re Rebranding! Here’s Why:

When my business partner and I founded Paramount, we had one main goal: to help businesses grow. We had no real idea what that was going to look like, but we knew both of us had done so in various ways throughout our professional careers, and we knew it was what we loved to do. We never thought our “brand” would be very public and we never anticipated our vision and mission would matter much to our clients – as long as we helped them grow. So, we launched Paramount without much concern for either and got right to work.

Our focus changed, but our goals stayed the same.

Starting in the business development space, we immediately saw how much need and opportunity there was for insightful, responsive, and personal consultants to help small and medium businesses navigate the complex world of digital marketing.  Not only did many of our clients not even know about SEO at the time, but even more of them barely had a web presence at all. During that first year or so, we probably did more educating our clients on what’s possible from a digital perspective than we did actually doing any implementation. But our clients needed the solutions and the solutions they were getting weren’t great, and they certainly weren’t personal.  To help, we partnered with some amazing vendors here in the United States and got right to work. I even learned web design and optimization myself, and we shifted our focus to helping our clients stay ahead of the digital marketing curve and ahead of their competition.

We realized we were on to something.

As we grew our client list and our capabilities, so too did we grow our network of contractors. Then one day I looked at our team, and realized we had come a long way from a “business development consultancy” and had created a full-service digital marketing agency – capable of not just strategy, but implementation. There was clearly a gap in the market and without realizing it, we had begun to fill it. Contractors gave way to employees, consultations gave way to strategy sessions, and the results kept getting better and better. .

The day had come when we looked at what we had created – simply through reacting to the market – and realized it deserved a proactive and purposeful focus all its own.

I think it probably came as a surprise when I came to our team and asked them how they would feel about working on rebranding ourselves. We were working on bigger campaigns than we had in the past, crafting more beautiful websites, creating highly branded material, and developing brands and identities for clients that we could never have without the talents of our designers and strategists. I no longer felt our own brand (or website, for that matter) was doing justice to the work we were creating, let alone the work we were capable of. For me; it was time for a change. While they may have been surprised that I asked, I wasn’t surprised when our team excitedly said yes.

So we got to work recreating our own identity.

We asked ourselves the questions we’ve asked all of our clients but had yet to take the time to ask ourselves. And we came up with answers we were proud of. We went through the lengthy process of renaming ourselves. We went through revision upon revision to our logo, bringing meaning and team investment into every aspect. Most of all, we created values. We hadn’t just renamed ourselves, we had (re)defined ourselves.

“Paramount” has become “Swell”


There is quite a lot of intention behind our new name, but even more behind our value system. I really can’t say these aren’t the values we’ve operated under as Paramount; because they are. We had just never sat down as a team and defined them. Our values reflect how we do business, they reflect us as people, and we’re excited about the next stage of our evolution with these values at the core of what we do:


Be Decisive. Use proven strategies. Exceed Expectations.


Love what you do. Get better at it every day.


Listen with intention, communicate purposefully, be genuine in all that you do.


It’s not just a buzzword to us. We craft the noteworthy. We create the distinct.


Success is powered by people and we are better together. Invest in each other, trust each other, and watch great things happen.


We are aware of our local and global surroundings and make time for opportunities to make our world a better place.


We are a collection of experts made better by each other. We are not an assembly line. Everyone puts their stamp on every campaign. Knowledge is shared & everyone contributes.



What’s Changing, and What’s Not.

At the end of the day, there’s not too much changing here. Yes, we’re going to be looking a lot different around here in the weeks to come, but our heart will be staying right where it always was.

When we started, we thought the world would welcome a digital agency that’s just as invested in your goals as you are…That looks you in the eye…That brings expertise and modesty to every conversation…That wants you to profit more than we do…That is incredibly transparent. And we feel like we’ve been received pretty well so far. We have amazing relationships with our clients and we wouldn’t be here without them putting so much trust and confidence in us.

Yes, we care about leads. Yea, we care about reach. Of course we care about sales. And we most definitely care about data. But what we care about most is what all these things can help you achieve. ROI is important, but the most rewarding part of what we do is to see our work impact an organization at the fundamental level. Whether you want more sales to be able to employ more people and feed more families, free up more time to spend with yours, or build your audience to have more meaningful conversations with the world; there’s meaning behind your goals. We’re here to help build momentum to get you there and support you every step of the way. And none of this is different from how we began.


So what’s changing? Well, our logo, our website, and our business cards. But not much else. And we truly want to thank you for being a part of it all.