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It’s a Digital World, and We’re All Just Living In It

As I stare at my computer screen trying to convey the importance of having a strong digital presence, my mind drifts to what’s in store for those organizations or industries who are currently behind in the digital playing field. What would a fish be without water? What was the fate of the dinosaurs after the meteor hit? What eventually happened to your crops when you realized Farmville was consuming your life? I think you’re starting to understand the picture. Is it a little harsh? Yeah, maybe. Am I completely wrong? Not in the slightest.

Many organizations have shied away from investing in SEO, Adwords, and even a properly functioning site. Why? It could be because the business they currently obtain are returning customers and referrals. Therefore, they probably haven’t seen a drastic change in business (yet), and a need to heavily hit the digital world is not completely necessary. However, let’s take a look at demographics. The millennial generation is starting to enter the sweet spot of large purchases such as cars, homes, and so on. Millennials are the largest generation to date, that’s right, even bigger than Generation X and the boomers. And finally, millennials, also known as the digital natives, grew simultaneously with technology change. So, time to connect the dots. Your target markets are evolving, and it is essential that you evolve your prospecting and marketing methods to match.

From new applications to new data tracking softwares, the status quo of the digital world is only rising. To put this in perspective, Google has over 100 billion searches in just one single month. While not every search is solely focused on a product or service, a very large percentage of that is. Ecommerce, or online purchasing, is at its peak popularity and I don’t see any evidence that the percentage of those who buy online will decrease.

So how do you cater to the new era of digital craze? First, have a website that is user-friendly, responsive, and filled with content that accurately describes what you do and why you do it. Google, and more importantly the users of, are laying down the law. The Google gods are basically sprinting the digital marketing marathon, and you betcha, we have to keep up. Your site lacks responsiveness? Well, you just earned yourself a slap on the wrist from Google and a move back two search pages card. Does your content lack vital keywords? I’m, guessing you won’t like the number of visitors to your website.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an extremely important tool that continually generates leads. While SEO costs a pretty penny, when done correctly, you get a shiny dime in return. SEO allows you to better position yourself on the web through content improvements, blogging, continual data tracking, keyword research and more. A better overall digital presence will allow your site to be better recognized by Google, therefore better recognized by the average user.

If you’re already sitting pretty on the first page of a Google search after typing in related keywords, good for you. According to Hubspot, 75% of users never scroll onto the second page of a search. Not on the first? Don’t worry there are ways to get there, it may take some time, but you can make it happen with some investing.

Paid Search Results, or Google Adwords, is another survival tool when it comes to the vast internet. Do you ever see the little “Ad” icon next to the top results when searching? Bingo, that’s AdWords. For example, if you owned Bob’s Pizza in Boston, then you could pay Google to be a top result for “pizza places”.

I have one more tidbit of helpful information that can make your presence online skyrocket. You’ve probably been waiting for it, social media. I cannot stress enough how prominent social media is in a majority of companies, organizations, and individuals lives. With over 2.3 billion users, every generation has some sort of social media presence. Whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or even Snapchat, it is very wise to make yourself exist in the fast-paced media universe.  Through consistent product pictures, company videos, or even fun facts you’re guaranteed to get a follower base.

So, if you feel like you’re behind in the times of digital marketing then continue researching and check out competitors. Feel free to contact us with any questions, and we will not hesitate to help. It’s a digital world, and we’re all just living in it.

blogging and seo

How is Blogging Related to My SEO?

“I’m paying for SEO, isn’t blog content separate from that?”

We hear it all the time, “If I’m paying for SEO shouldn’t that be back-end web fixes and link-building?… why is blog writing a part of the package?”blogging for seo

Sure, optimization of your website’s code and increasing backlinks (etc., etc.) certainly all has to do with SEO. I would also agree that it’s the real focus of search engine optimization, but as Google continues to advance, so does its requirements for increase in rank. That’s why there has been a shift in digital strategy over the years to move towards an inbound method of ranking and gaining more customers through web.

First off if you are reading this, hopefully you understand that when we are talking about increasing in rank for Google search results we are speaking specifically to whichever keyword is entered into the search bar. This is why there is an emphasis on targeted keywords that your company would like to rank for with potential customer searches. With that in mind, let’s say you are a fencing company that wants to come up as an option for “best weatherproof fencing material”. Maybe you have a full page dedicated to all types of options for weatherproof fencing, or maybe you have only a full product page with basic product information under each one. If this potential customer is looking for some in-depth information about comparing the best fencing materials for weatherproofing, your website probably isn’t going to be the answer that has that.

Now consider that this remains the case, but you do have a blog for a year back on which materials are listed as the best for weatherproof fencing and have a comparison of each. That one blog post has a much better chance of ranking in Google for that search result, even though it isn’t one of your main webpages. With a couple of internal links added within that blog for more information on where to purchase these “weatherproofed fencing materials”, your audience now has a place to go and make a serious purchasing decision on your website.

seo analytics

That’s the basic inbound methodology behind the importance of blogging for any business website. As far as SEO is concerned, blogging is a puzzle piece within the whole sitewide equation because Google will always favor the more relevant and informative content related to a particular keyword. Hence the importance of adding well worded, in-depth content that is useful to your target audience. Blogging isn’t the only way to help ranking within search engines, there are so many other forms of providing information to customers that may be more user friendly to them like:

  • Infographics
  • White papers
  • Case Studies
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • eBooks

But blogging is usually regarded as a quick way to professionally add information to a site on a regular basis. This is key because by adding fresh and updated pages to your site, it essentially sends a message to Google saying (in Jason’s words) “the lights are on”. Meaning this website is actively being updated with new content as often as possible. Blogging also provides an opportunity to include external links as well from highly-ranked pages increasing your site’s authority. Companies that do keep up with a regular blogging schedule average about 55% more website visitors monthly than companies who don’t blog at all.

When it comes down to it, search engine optimization is all about increasing your ranking in Google and other web browsers in order to increase traffic to your site. This is all complete in the client’s interest and desire to gain more qualified leads with minimal advertising spending and minimal work on their part. So while blog writing is created content, it is directly involved in the search engine ranking process. Any coding expert or SEO consultant can fix your sites basic problems and discover roadblocks – and that’s a necessary step to get accomplish, but finding the right marketing partner who understands your business and your customer is a long-term relationship that brings long-term benefits.