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How Swell Has Created Inspired Experiences

Making the move from being a marketer in-house to an agency setting was a huge decision for me. The thought of a faster paced work-life was intimidating, but there were so many qualities about the team at Swell that intrigued me to want to be a part of their vision. It was apparent to me after talking with Jason, Swell’s managing partner, that he was so passionate about the business and where they were headed. I have to say his energy was quite infectious.

When I finally came aboard early this month, I was able to witness firsthand that the team at Swell was composed of a solid group of extremely talented and honest people. Over the course of two weeks I’ve been able to understand the tone set with clients, the dedication of work put into each project, and the values shared by everyone at Swell.

Swell Digital RelationshipRelationship

From the moment a client comes in contact with Swell, they will notice a difference with service. What I’ve seen demonstrated in the relationship between the agency and its customers is trust. Before even meeting with a client, Jason and the rest of the team at Swell was already coaching me to act in a way that supports and nurtures a long-term relationship with every client. Building trust is the key to any successful relationship, so why wouldn’t that be at the
forefront of our minds?

From the very first time management sits down with a potential customer, they are concerned with fully educating who is in front of them in the digital marketing process. The online world of marketing can be an overwhelming and confusing part of a business to understand. Where other agencies may look at that as an opportunity to take advantage of someone who may be less informed, the people at Swell go the extra mile and want to make sure the client is comfortable in continuing business. Wouldn’t you want to know what exactly your paid contractor is doing all day, and be able to actually see and understand how that is helping you?

Even after the first meeting, I’ve already been able to witness the timeliness of every team member responding with answers to questions and solutions to problems. Not only that, but Jason and the rest of staff feel it’s important to go the extra mile for reporting. When most agencies will send a document over of charts and percentages every so often, Swell prefers to be face to face with their customers every month. When I asked why that was done rather than saving much more time and sending analytics through email, I was told that having that conversation one-on-one is vital for making absolutely sure there is nothing left unanswered or confusing.


Dedication to Quality

With every project I’ve looked at in the Swell portfolio, there isn’t one that I’ve seen where I wasn’t impressed with the quality of work. It’s easy to see that the time and effort put into making beautiful sites, brands, written content, and optimization all came from some very talented people. Even more than talent, what I’ve seen firsthand in my short time here is the dedication that these individuals put into every piece of work.

Something Jason has been driving home with me day in and out is the mantra that quality work doesn’t have to come at a high price. Many of our clients don’t have the resources to be spending massive amounts of money on campaigns, but should that mean they should have to be left behind in a digital world? The way I see it, digital marketing levels the playing field. Anyone can have an online presence these days, changing the way everyone does business. But most people don’t know exactly what goes into professional grade websites and the like. I believe Swell is here to help those individuals; the ones who care enough about their business to do something bold enough to hire a group of strangers to manipulate the very intimate parts of their brand.

The other factor in developing quality work is skill level. Although everyone at the agency is considered a master of their craft in my eyes, reason would say that skill and mastery is an ongoing and never-ending process. In order to stay up-to-date and relevant on industry standards and best practices, everyone at Swell is dedicated and responsible for continuing their education through available resources. I can’t emphasize enough how “on top of the ball” these people are. Every day I’ve come into the office someone is referencing a new way to try things in the digital space. It’s quite inspiring and helps in igniting my own passion for learning.

Partner at SwellCompany Values

To summarize the authenticity of Swell Digital and what sets them apart from the rest is their values. Values to this group are more than a few written paragraphs on an “about us” webpage. These guys (and gals) live and breathe their values every day. From volunteering to putting in those late night hours for a project, Swell, when it comes down to it, is a group of good people. From the trustworthy relationships and quality work I’ve already mentioned, the individuals here are just as hardworking and trusting in the office as they are at home. Not once have I come across an instance where the “path of least resistance” was taken. If it’s going to be done at all, it’s going to be done right.

Something I’ve heard in every client meeting thus far has been, “If you don’t see the value in what I’m doing, I’d rather you get rid of me.” If that doesn’t scream integrity, I don’t know what does. The work being done here isn’t just to pay the bills. It’s bigger than that. What Swell is doing is creating a culture in business. One where both parties can sit down and look each other in the eye and fully understand what problems need to be fixed and how that can and will be accomplished.