For Social Media Success, Focus on Your Personality

So we’ve established that we need to get hip with the times and hop on the social media bandwagon. We need to tweet, post, instachat, linkbook… and stuff. It’s how we connect to our customers, it’s how we gauge their interest in us, it’s how we stay relevant and facilitate a conversation with the world about who we are and why we’re important. Let’s talk about the importance behind figuring out the who in this process.


When putting together your social media presence, think about the culture of your business and how to translate that into a social media personality. A business specializing in construction work is going to have a very different personality than an interior design firm. Think about who you will be online.


If your business were a person, what kind of person would they be? Do they have a sense of humor? What types of blogs or websites do they follow? Where do they find their news? Is their speech more casual or scholarly? What are their hobbies? What do they wear to a party? What are they an expert at? What kinds of friends do they have, and who are the people they want to hang out with?

It may be helpful to have a brainstorming session and work together within your team to understand across departments the type of personality you want your viewership to understand and encounter. Having a concrete personality will not only help when making decisions about social media posts and engagement, but this personality will permeate your work culture as well. Taking ownership of this persona will even help in decision-making at levels out in the real world. Your team will know what they are a part of, they’ll want to be a part of it, and invest this personality into their work.



Check out your competition. If you’re a small chocolate shop that’s been around for a long time but hasn’t yet made the leap toward a social media presence, you’ll want to check out what other chocolate shops are doing. What’s Coco Cathy in the next town over posting on her social media pages? Research other small chocolatiers to find out what they’re talking about, and take note. How are they connecting with their client base? How are they plugging into their community to facilitate positive relationships and presence in real life?

Within the competition, you’ll surely find some that stand out more than others. Feel free to follow them! We are beyond the days of stealthy spy-like moves when it comes to checking out the competition. If you “like” and “follow” other inspiring businesses in your industry, it fosters camaraderie and builds a network of support. Chances are, these trailblazers will reciprocate by following you back or even welcoming you(!) which only increases your opportunity to flourish. Don’t think of other businesses as something to conquer, but as an opportunity to learn and grow from one another.


Once you’ve compiled a solid idea of what the conversation is around chocolate on social media, you’ll know what to start posting and blogging about in order to draw an audience toward you. Of course you don’t want to copy everything, but checking out what others are posting and talking about is a great building block toward your own success. This gives you a foundation to build off of. This gives you a space from which to start thinking, “Okay, how are we going to do this even better? How are we going to stand out? How are we going to be a part of this conversation?”



Take a step even deeper. Who are the people engaging in your social media pages? You can look into Facebook’s Insights to learn more about the people following your page.

What are their ages, gender, geographical location? What do they click on, what are the posts they enjoy?  

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 9.51.27 AM

By doing some investigating you’ll be able to get an idea of who your audience is beyond just clicks, likes, and views. If you aren’t quite to a place where you can do this investigating within your own social media pages, snoop around a little to see who’s following your competition.

Once you’ve gathered this information, you’ll be ready to create what’s called an Audience Persona. You can check out a step by step guide here, but basically you want to really get into the nitty gritty of who your audience is. Just as you personified your business, personify your audience. It’s very easy within the world of social media and marketing in general to see people in terms of numbers and statistics through a screen. This is the downfall of many businesses in a world where people are asking for authenticity, honesty, and connection. Your audience consists of moms, students, lawyers, teachers, and more. They are people with real ideas, feelings, and interests. Make your audience real in your mind, because they are real.


By tapping into who you are and who your audience is, you’re better equipped to connect and engage. You’re now positioned to notice common threads between the types of people engaging in chocolate shop social media pages. You’re also set for tapping into those common threads by introducing yourself and engaging people in a new and different way. Cheers!