What to Consider When Hiring a Copywriter

It can be difficult to hire a copywriter, but as an agency that provides copywriting services, we’re working to make that process as simple as possible. Over the years, a lot of companies have hired us to write their copy – from small mom-and-pop companies to large international brands. Copywriting is how we got started, and developing good processes and finding the right writer/subject fit has been crucial to it remaining a specialty.

Over the years we’ve learned a few things about what works, and what doesn’t with content writing services. In this guide, we hope you’ll learn how to find the right copywriter for your current project and any content marketing plan.

First thing’s first,

Determine What Type of Copywriting is Needed

Copywriting is a broad term that encompasses a number of specialties and skills. Every copywriter brings new abilities to the table, which may include:

  • Marketing materials such as brochures and leaflets
  • Broadcast, digital, and print advertising
  • Writing as part of an online content strategy
  • Search engine optimization
  • Public relations
  • B2B and B2C marketing

Some copywriters focus on one industry, while others have a broader skill set. An agency will often have access to multiple writers to cover a myriad of industries, target audiences and writing styles.  

What are the goals of the pieces you need written? Who’s the audience? How technical is the subject? Does it need to be written in a professional or casual style? These are all questions you should ask and answer before hiring a professional copywriter.

Consider the Writer’s Experience

It may seem that an experienced copywriter would provide better service. While this is generally true, additional experience often brings higher prices. A seasoned professional who has written for top agencies and major brands doesn’t come cheap. Subject matter experts, or copywriters capable of writing legal or medical content will always be more of an investment.

If your company is on a budget, you should ask how much copywriting experience you need and how much you’re willing to pay for.  

When a copywriter has experience, it can mean they’ve optimized their process. Having a good, effective process is worth paying for and great if you’ve never worked with a copywriter before and not sure what to expect.

Read Previous Work and Previous Clients’ Feedback

Many of today’s copywriters feature past clients’ testimonials on their websites and marketing materials. If a company owner is serious about hiring a copywriter, ask to talk to some past clients in similar industries. Verifying references and recommendations can give you a sense of the copywriter’s strengths and weaknesses.

Also, it’s common to request writing samples when hiring a copywriter. They should be ready with relevant samples to show you. It’s also important to ask AND verify where their samples are actually published. If a copywriter gives you a writing sample, but can’t give you any publication sites, that might be a red flag.

What to Expect When Working With Copywriters

Copywriters have varying fee structures, with some charging an hourly or daily rate while others have a per-job or per-word charge. Some will require a down payment up front and the rest upon completion. Some copywriting services will offer monthly packages. Most writers allow clients to propose prices, which is a great benefit if you’re budget conscious. At Swell, We have prices for different tiers of content – simple  to complex – as well as word count. Which basically means the more complicated the subject, and more words the client needs to explain it, the more the content will cost. Pretty simple.

If the copywriter is good, they’ll explain their processes and describe exactly what you can expect from their process. But if they don’t – Ask about how many revisions you are allowed. Ask about the project timeline. Timelines should be efficient and revisions request should be turned around quickly.

You should expect to have an in-person or telephone interview that allows the writer or content director to get a sense of the work and its themes. Pay attention to how engaged they are with the subject during this meeting. Are they using industry specific terminology? Demonstration of a good industry vocabulary is indicative of the copywriter understanding the subject. If they get excited about the topic, or have impressive ideas on how to present it – this is probably a good chance the copywriter will be passionate about the piece. By the end of this meeting, the copywriter should have clarified their fee structure and what they expect from you in return for their services. Don’t end this meeting without getting clarity on this. They might want to review the note they’ve collected and give you a fixed bid and timeline from there. This is common.


Hiring the right copywriter is an important step in reaching the target audience and optimizing content for the search engines. But there are many things to consider when choosing the right copywriting service for your content.

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