Case Study: Consumer Products


A well-known, international outdoor recreation products manufacturer hired Paramount to engineer an online marketing and advertising structure for two of their best selling products.


After being instrumental in the redesign of their website and copywriting almost all of the content and product descriptions for a 200+ page website and e-commerce engine, we went to work getting the word out about their signature products. We implemented SEO for the entire site and developed an advertising structure that include everything from PPC, to Display Ads and Behavioral Retargeting. Our team even connected them with a popular national outdoor television show, to expand their reach into a vital market.


With the proactive approach and customized blueprint for their online program, Paramount was able to increase their web traffic by an average of 175% every month for the next 12 Months – many months seeing as much increase as 250%. This brought their company’s average traffic from 30,000 to an average of over 70,000 visits per month.

Website traffic month over month