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What to Consider When Hiring a Copywriter

It can be difficult to hire a copywriter, but as an agency that provides copywriting services, we’re working to make that process as simple as possible. Over the years, a lot of companies have hired us to write their copy – from small mom-and-pop companies to large international brands. Copywriting is how we got started, […]

8 Tips for Effective Website Redesign from an SEO Agency

8 Tips for Effective Website Redesign A lot can go wrong during a Website Redesign. From traffic losses to negative audience feedback, any issue can adversely affect important metrics. To prevent the biggest problems, you can follow these tips on redesigning your website with SEO in mind. Use Descriptive Links Marketers and designers everywhere understand […]

Increasing B2B Sales with Inbound Marketing

According to information from various sources, inbound marketing is 76% more likely than outbound marketing to be the strategy of choice for B2B sellers. However, these same reports show that documenting marketing ROI is a marketer’s biggest challenge. That’s quite a disconnect, and it suggests it may be time for B2B Lead Generation teams to […]

Build a Digital Marketing Budget for Any Small Business

If you’re like most small businesses we talk to, you understand that you should be building a digital marketing budget into your current marketing mix. But because you wear a ton of hats, it’s been difficult to keep up with all of what digital marketing has become, let alone build a budget for it (nevermind […]

4 Reasons Your Website’s Organic Traffic is Dropping.

So, you’ve been keeping an eye on your organic traffic in Google Analytics or some other software, and your traffic or rankings have been dropping lately. If they’re dropping enough, you may feel like the world is ending. I get why you might be feeling that way. It’s perfectly natural for any business owner’s or […]