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How is Blogging Related to My SEO?

“I’m paying for SEO, isn’t blog content separate from that?” We hear it all the time, “If I’m paying for SEO shouldn’t that be back-end web fixes and link-building?… why is blog writing a part of the package?” Sure, optimization of your website’s code and increasing backlinks (etc., etc.) certainly all has to do with SEO. […]

5 Blogging Mistakes To Keep In Mind

If you’re new to blogging, the execution of a well-written blog may seem intimidating. Writing tends to be easier for some people than it does for others, but that doesn’t mean that only certain people should contribute blogs. Everybody writes! If you are involved with your business in a big way, it will benefit your […]

The Google Possum Update and its Effect on Local Search

Swell recently wrote an overview on Google’s update for Penguin 4.0, but we wanted to highlight another update Google released in September. On September 1st, Google released an update to what is being called “Possum” which focuses on local SEO. The name has been tossed around in the SEO industry because when several businesses were […]

Penguin 4.0 Update: What You Need To Know

What is Penguin? In a nutshell, Penguin is a specific signal of Google’s algorithms for their search engine that looks over backlinks that are linking to your page. Penguin was initially launched in 2012 while making various updates throughout the years. Penguin was essentially created to promote or demote a web page in Google’s search […]

Native Advertising vs. Display Advertising

As marketers (especially digital marketers) there is a constant battle being waged over how to effectively win the favor of their targeted audience. Just as in any medium for advertising, it seems that marketers are walking a tightrope, balancing enough face value to be recognized but not enough to annoy and turn off those solicited. […]

Enhancing Local SEO for your Small Business

For most digitally educated businesses, it’s no surprise that search engine optimization is essential for any size company, even when it comes to locally owned and operated businesses. Not only does Google make adjustments to its algorithms regularly, but local SEO and non-local SEO has become increasingly complicated. Having an in-house marketing team or agency […]