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7 Real Estate Marketing Tips For Agents

Real estate marketing, unlike almost any other industry, is extremely competitive. In this day and age, there are a lot of independent agents as well as corporate giants out there, and each one is doing whatever they can to dominate the market. With accelerated corporate funded marketing efforts from giants like ReMax, Greenridge Realty and more; this means that for you to excel in an independent world, you have to be innovative. You have to find ways to market that don’t break your budget but that get you visibility both in your geographical location and online – others have done it and so can you.

Here are 7 of the best real estate marketing ideas that you can implement right away to help your business grow:

1. Use social media…correctly.

If you ask most real estate agents they will tell you that they have Facebook and Twitter accounts but not many of them use them correctly to grow their business. Set up a Facebook business page and then invite your email list and friends to join. These pages, however, have a stigma with some real estate agents as being useless. Truth be told they are useless if you cannot get your audience to “Like” things that you have posted. This means that you have to post interesting content on a regular basis. Mix things up – it becomes boring when all people read about from you is real estate information. Find interesting links from time to time – community news, tips on maintaining your home or boosting curb appeal, etc. Combine efforts to share relevant information, while continuing to affirm your expertise in the industry.

Also, don’t ignore the potential virality of posting your listings on social media. People want people they know to live in their neighborhood. If they see a listing down the street from them, many are likely to share and re-post.

2. Get your SEO right.

Ok so you have a good website. So does every other real estate agent competing with you. The trick is to make your website visible and the only way to do that is through Search Engine Optimization. We wouldn’t recommend trying to do it yourself – it is complicated and it can take a significant amount of time – even for an professional – and requires expert precision. Instead, look into hiring an SEO expert who has the experience and time to get the job done right. Find and focus your SEO on niches you specialize in – I.E. Luxury Homes or Vacation Homes. If they’re unique enough categories, the competition will be lower, and that will mean a more expedited advancement to the top of search results.

3. Give people the kind of information that they are looking for.

Real estate agents are in the business of selling a property as quickly as possible. Often it can be difficult to explain to clients that it is more than your skills that get a property sold.  When it comes to property, clients actually do want to know how they can stage their homes for sale, how they can get homes to sell faster, who the best valuers are and so on. Organize this kind of information into blog posts or an email newsletter that you release once a month and you will find that more and more people come to you to buy or sell properties for them. Not to mention, those blog posts will show up for search engine results if you optimize them.

4. Take advantage of real estate seminars, conferences, expos.

These are gatherings of the top minds in the industry and for you they will not just be a great learning opportunity – they are an excellent way for you to network. You will meet lots of people and although you are all trying to do the same thing – sell the most real estate – you will also learn how the best in the industry get it done. What’s even better, when you become a familiar face you start to build trust and you may soon find yourself invited to partner in bigger deals.

5. Participate in local events.

Showing properties is good but if you want your community to know that you exist, you’re going to have to do more. Attend local events frequently – high school football games, charity events, neighborhood clean-ups, parades and so on. The more your community sees you the more they trust you and the easier they find it to do business with you. At the end of the day, people still buy people.

6. Get proper testimonials.

Most real estate agents have testimonials that go something like this: “He was great. He helped us sell our house.” That is all well and good but what perspective does that give a prospective client: that you did your job? Kudos to you, you’re now on par every other real estate agent, ever. Do everything you can to help your clients give detailed testimonials. They need to be able to give the kind of information that would persuade a new client to seek you out. Prepare a short questionnaire that you give clients when you ask them for a testimonial. Ask the questions like how they feel about how long you took, how much you charged, the quality of the property and so on. About 5 questions should flesh out enough detail for a good testimonial. Don’t forget to ask them if they mind you publishing their feedback on your website or in other marketing efforts…a detailed, classy testimonial will be the difference maker.

7. Be memorable.

Find that something about you that is unique enough for people to remember you. It can be as simple as something that you hand out when you meet new people to something about you – maybe you dress in a particular style. Have a personal brand on social media, and post things you find interesting – help potential clients get to know you personally. By branding yourself this way people see you as confident and self assured and someone that they would be willing to hire when they need their next real estate agent.

These 7 ideas are just the beginning; we have way more. Contact us today to find out more…