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6 Types Of Digital Marketing Agencies

In this modern day, your business needs to be online. But digital marketing has really become an evolving world, with rules and considerations of its own. You may decide that your company needs help navigating the online marketing jungle. However before you choose a digital marketing company, you should be aware that they come in variety – just like all businesses. Ensuring you understand each type of digital marketing company will help you find one that is the perfect fit for your business.

Below are the 5 different types of digital marketing “agencies”…

1. The Digital Marketing Consultant

If you are looking for guidance rather than having an agency handle your entire digital marketing initiatives, a digital marketing consultant might be helpful. Consultants will spend their time analyzing your online marketing initiatives in order to recommend new, better strategy. While many digital marketing consultants work as a one-man team, there are some digital consulting agencies that have larger teams as well. Often those larger teams will break up into account task forces, all having specific elements of strategy to consider.

2. The SEO Company

Companies are investing more and more into digital marketing, so digital marketing companies have begun to specialize. One of the largest specialty digital marketing sub-sections is the SEO agency.

SEO Companies focus primarily on ranking your website in search engines with strategies such as link building and on-page optimization. Some agencies will focus even further on content marketing – writing custom copy to optimize well for searches.

What you should understand when hiring an SEO agency is that their only focus is on pushing your website to the top of search engines.

3. The Small Business Digital Marketing Company

Swell is a good example of this. As a (though I rather dislike the word) “boutique” small business digital marketing company, the goal is to help small businesses understand how to navigate the internet and use it to grow their business.

4. The Pay Per Click Agency

Have you found Pay Per Click advertising mildly successful, but know its not doing as well as it could? Or maybe you don’t have the time to manage an entire campaign. There are plenty of agencies that focus solely on running online advertising campaigns. These agencies usually charge a percentage rate of up to 42% of your chosen ad budget. I.E. $1,000 Budget + $420 (42%) Management =$1420 total spend.

While these services are really good at bringing in leads, often their goal is the number of leads rather than the quality of them. You can do much more, with much less, when PPC budgets are highly targeted.

Also, if you plan on performing SEO with a professional as well, we highly recommend you finding a company that does both well. SEO and PPC complement each other crucially.

5. The Phone Book Company

Hibu (owned by Yellow Book), and other phone book companies like Yellow Pages, have recognized that the search engine of old – the phone book – has been eradicated by digital search. Thus, companies like this are actually leading the charge on marketing small businesses online; in regards to number of businesses on their nationwide client list. These companies tend to treat search marketing in very cookie-cutter terms: campaigns are standard with no adjustment for industry, and keywords come from suggestion lists formulated by software. In other words, if your competitors down the road are using this service, they have the same strategy, and same keyword list as you.

While in many cases these services are better than having nothing at all, you may be surprised at how little is happening behind the scenes for how much you’re paying. If you’re considering paying the phone company for digital services, do yourself a favor and call a small business agency (even if its not us). We almost guarantee they’ll be as happy to hear from you, about your business, and your unique competitive atmosphere as they will be to explain EXACTLY what you’re paying for AND the results it should yield by going with their agency. Then call the phone book company and “Press 2 for…..”

Not only will the cost be surprisingly reasonable with a small business agency, the results will be significantly better for your business too.


6. The Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

The full service agency does exactly what the name implies – everything. These agencies can be big or small, but all have a significant amount of service offerings. Most likely, this agency preaches multi-channel-integration, thereby making the overall strategy equal more than the sum of its parts.

In addition to being a small business agency, Paramount is proud to also be full service. This allows us to help businesses grow utilizing different channels of digital marketing – email, social media, online advertising, and SO MUCH more.

If you have more questions for us or are ready for your Free Website Analysis, Give us a shout!