Social Media Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth for Social Media Marketing

Word of mouth is a concept that’s been around for quite some time now. Essentially, it’s the passing of information from one person to another via oral communication. The world is going increasingly digital, and with that, social media has allowed an entirely new means of these exchanges. If you haven’t realized it yet, that has some BIG implications for your business.

According to HubSpot’s latest marketing statistics, nearly one-third of the world uses social media regularly. To complement this, 83% of marketers actively pursue social media marketing initiatives. Even in a B2B industry, 81% of B2B decision makers use online communities and blogs to help make purchasing decisions. Social media is a huge new market that should not be taken lightly by marketers or business owners.

Finding that Voice

One way to incorporate word of mouth in your digital marketing strategy is to do your research. Figure out what social medium your industry and intended audience are most likely to use, and figure out the best ways to interact with them! A few details to take into consideration, for example, may include: what voice to use in your social media postings and responses, how much humor is acceptable with that audience or industry, what time of day your followers are most active (thus more likely to engage), etc.

At the end of the day, your followers are wanting to engage and connect with a person, not a stiff-sounding business robot. Find that balance of personal and professional, and then use that voice to your advantage! By having such a positive presence on your audience’s social media, they’ll feel more comfortable engaging with your material.

Interact and Engage

That being said, this is also where the word of mouth starts to come into play. It’s VERY important that when your audience reaches out to you through social media, you are there to acknowledge it and respond. This is why the time of day that your audience is most active can be very important—because you should be active at that time too. When a customer or potential customer has a question, answer it. If it’s a concern, address it to the best of your ability. If it’s a compliment or commendation, say thank you!

These interactions are how you build loyal customers, and it’s how you take customers through the buying cycle to that final stage of retention and advocacy. Give your followers something positive to share with their followers, and so on and so forth. Before you know it, you’ve built trust with your audience! Now they’re out promoting your business and bringing your exceptional service to the attention of other leads through their social media interactions.

Maintain Your Presence

A last important detail to remember as you move forward with your social media marketing strategy is to maintain your presence. Your audience won’t be offering up a lot of word of mouth if you aren’t there to regularly receive it or respond to it. Part of building those social media connections is about establishing a community! Be there, and be there often. Your followers will appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. Your social media audience will be as likely to engage with you as you are with them, so don’t underestimate the dedication that is required to maintain a strong social media presence.

When done just right, combining a word of mouth strategy with your social media marketing strategy can almost act as a catalyst for the buying cycle. According to Brad Fay and Ed Keller of The Face-to-Face Book: Why Real Relationships Rule in a Digital Marketplace, many brand-related conversations take place over social media every day. Of those, more than two-thirds of those conversations involve a recommendation to buy, consider, or avoid the brand. Your current customers’ loyalty on social media is what will bring awareness of your brand to other leads in the social media world. Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth in an increasingly digital world!

A lot of this may seem tough to figure out, but going about this in a trial-and-error sort of way will probably be the most beneficial to your social media marketing strategy in the long run. If you need some assistance putting together a strategy or increasing your positive word of mouth through social media, give us a call today! We’d be happy to help!

Video Shoot

Why Your Small Business Should Use Video

We’re in the midst of a marketing revolution, and video is leading the charge. Videos are the medium of the future. If that’s true then it looks like we’re already in the “future” because one-third of all online activity is spent watching videos, according to Hubspot Marketing. Numbers are expected to increase as marketers everywhere realize the value and impact video has on campaigns. Sites such as Google and Facebook are using algorithms and ranking methods that favor video content compared to images and text alone. Let’s take a look at the upside of adding video to your marketing strategy and what it can do for your company overall!

Google Loves Video

Google runs the show, plain and simple. Google is the largest search engine in the world followed by Youtube, which happens to be a subsidiary of Google, surprise!  Incorporating videos on your homepage and blog posts with relevant keywords is one way Google ranks for search engine results. With the right combination of SEO, content creation, and video marketing you’ll soon see your company climbing up the SEO ladder.

Video Boosts Conversion and Sales

The internet is a very competitive landscape, especially for small to medium sized businesses. Customizing your marketing plan that will appeal to both Google and your customers is crucial when it comes to maximizing ROI. By creating videos you can increase the ability to build relationships with customers and prospects while also pleasing Google’s algorithms at the same time. Having videos on your site will entice visitors to stay on your page longer and will help them gain more trust by learning about your product in a visual way. This marketing approach is what will result in a high conversion ratio for you and your team.

Investing in video marketing can be expensive, but the benefits that come with adding video will pay dividends. The more shots you take the better chance you have to score, and by adding videos you’re giving yourself the opportunity to take more shots!

Video Builds Trust

A key component to attaining and retaining customers is trust. You can’t always hold your customer’s hand through the buying process and often times the only reason they will reach out to you is when they have a problem that your product or service may be able to solve. Creating videos that are engaging and helpful to your customers allows them to understand who they’re buying from, which will help build a relationship and establish trust! Creating videos that describe product information and product demonstrations will help your clients understand how something works!

  Social media is another tool your business can use to build trust, and incorporating videos on social is a great way for customers to engage with your content. According to Hubspot, 92% of mobile users are likely to share videos on social media. The more likes and shares you get the more exposure your company receives through back links and clicks to your site. Oh yeah, can’t forget to mention this will also help improve your Google ranking as well!

Video can explain anything, whether you distribute steel or build fences, being able to convey your story through video will help your customers get a better understanding of what you do and how you do it on an everyday basis.

If you’re not convinced video marketing will improve your overall digital presence, then let’s hope your competitors aren’t convinced either. Otherwise, you may start to see some of your numbers fall. Not all companies have the time and resources to invest in video, but if you and your team are trying to step ahead of the competition, reach out to our team at Swell!