Facebook and ECommerce – A Match Made In Heaven

Use Facebook to Drive E-Commerce Sales

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites around the world. This website is the number one bridge of communication among netizens and builds lots of online communities globally. Because of its popularity, Facebook has also become the center of marketing platform among marketers. People are advertising their product and services online without spending too much time. It is an obvious thing that the world of marketing is innovating. From the traditional marketing, it has firmly evolved to include social media marketing.

Why Facebook is perfect for driving e-commerce?

For a long time, there were really no opportunities to “sell” via social media. However, as the years passed by and many new software types have been crafted, both inside social platforms and outside, the opportunity to promote your business and actually sell your products has become increasingly effective.

Today, companies of all shapes and sizes are looking to driving e-commerce via social media marketing and one of those sites is the Facebook. But why Facebook? Here’s why:

Sometimes it comes down to a lack of competition

This giant social networking site doesn’t only create more offline and online sales in retail compared to the other websites and applications, Facebook also beats its competitors in terms of sharing value, conversations and most of all, visits. The stats don’t lie – and the truth is Facebook has an incredible advertising & targeting platform, a vast audience, and the share-ability of a juggernaut social media platform.

Facebook is NOT on it’s way out

Yes, there are a ton of new social media platforms being introduced every day. Does that mean the market for social media is saturated? Maybe, but based on readily available statistical studies, Facebook user numbers are growing. It is a must have personal and business platform. And in a world of always new platforms being introduced, Facebook has increase e-commerce  transactions up to 129 percent in the year 2013. This study is conducted by the Shopify platform alone.


There is a large number of visits through social networking sites, that’s undeniable. Social media platforms like Facebook also have the power in terms of connecting people with brands. Facebook takes it one step further in terms of consumer decision making, offering businesses opportunities to connect their marketing directly to their sales platform – bringing them further down the path of a purchasing decision via a platform they are already dedicated to using everyday, sometimes all day.


Based on that same study by Shopify, Facebook has an overall conversion rate of 1.85% (as of 2013). This may seem low to those of you that have no frame of reference. But 1.85% is distinct in the industry and important to note.


As I’m sure your aware, the more people share a certain post, the more people who it will reach and therefore who it will impact. As a result, it is also possible that many people will purchase a certain product if the post promotes product or services that connect with them or their social connections. According to the study shows executed by AddShoppers, every Facebook share is converted into a $3.58 in average in e-commerce revenue. This is incredible compared to the other social sites such as Pinterest and Twitter where in a certain pin or tweet has only an average worth 87 cents and 85 cents, respectively.

Reach AND Likes

According to the AddShoppers study, every like on Facebook drives average revenue of $1.41 per like.


We preach the necessity to track EVERYTHING when it comes to any digital marketing effort. But the importance is that much more vital with e-commerce. If proper tracking is setup, you can see demographics and interests from every single user, and every single purchase – which helps you make intelligent business decisions.

We understand there is a lot to navigate when it comes to marketing online. When you add e-commerce to sell your products and services online, there can be even more to consider. If you need help or want to talk about our professional marketing services, give us a shout!


Knowing your Audience

The internet has demonstrated its value…

We all know how vital an integrated online strategy is for organizations, big and small. While it is important for organizations to understand that marketing themselves online is a brave new (and ever-evolving) world; it is also important for these same businesses to realize basic advertising principles still relate and they shouldn’t neglect these principles. Most importantly those who market from their online presence have to first be aware of who their target audience is and how to reach this particular audience.

Market research is easier than ever.

As with any marketing campaign, organizations should always perform market research before they launch their Internet marketing campaign. Ideally this will involve hiring a research consultant with a great deal of experience in conducting and evaluating this type of market research. The results of this research should determine the basic demographical information for the target audience. The results should also include information on how to reach this target audience. We offer what we think is a good viewpoint on your audience as a part of our free website analysis on our site.

But don’t ignore what you already know.

The truth is, especially as a small business owner, you probably already have an excellent pulse on your audience. You know a lot about your customer and you shouldn’t ignore that. But there are also a few other things you can do, to gain a better understanding of your core audience. For instance: informal polls of current clients. What do they appreciate? What could they do without? What do they need more information on? Besides your products and services, what ELSE are they paying attention to?

Now use it!

Once this information is obtained, it is obviously important to tailor the Internet marketing campaign to appeal to the target audience. There are a number of different variables which can be modified to ensure the right message is reaching the right people in a manner they can understand and in which they can relate. Our digital tailors take advantage of all these opportunities including the aesthetics and user experience of your website, the design prowess of your advertisements, the wording of your copy and the use of more advanced design features such as audio and visual or interactive tools.

For Instance,

The aesthetic appeal of a website can greatly contribute to how the website is viewed by the members of the target audience. A website which is designed to attract the attention of an older generation with more conservative tastes should include muted colors, clean design and conservative graphics. This will help to ensure the target audience enjoys the website. Conversely if you are looking to appeal to a younger audience with more liberal viewpoints you might choose to design the website with bold colors, eye catching graphics and creative design features.

The copy you include on your website should also take your target audience into consideration. Consider the examples of a conservative and a liberal audience listed above to create a better understanding of how the copy on your website can appeal to the target audience. When marketing to a more conservative audience, the copy should be tailored to use formal language and use facts to back up viewpoints. However, when you are marketing to a more liberal audience or a younger audience you can consider using less formal language which is likely to appeal to the target audience. You can also focus more on captivating emotion to express viewpoints or gain support for causes.

The example we sometimes use is: Is your customer a homeowner who enjoys fishing? (You might sell home decor with a fishing vibe) Or is your customer a fisherman wealthy enough to own a home? (Maybe you sell fishing boats) – The point is, thinking outside the box about your audience can prove enormously impactful on your overall marketing strategy.

But in the end,

If you truly understand the psychology of your audience, marketing your organization online will be relatively intuitive and straight forward. However, maximizing that knowledge to make some incredible things happen for your organization is what we do. Let’s talk about what we can build together.



School-Year Internships!

About Paramount:

Welcome to Paramount! We are a full service digital marketing agency in Grand Rapids, MI dedicated to expanding organizations’ presence offline by developing their opportunity online. Before taking on a new client, the digital marketing team at Paramount analyzes all the impactful options that they could invest in and makes recommendations based on which solutions fit their needs and achieves their goals. By following this process, we become more than a vendor of a specific product or two and instead become a trusted advisor on a crucial aspect of their business.

By joining our team through one of our marketing internships, you’ll be entering into what we hope to be an educational and enjoyable exploration into agency marketing.

Details + Available Positions:

We have up to 3 Positions Available, Starting this Summer 2015!

  • Social Media Intern
  • Projects and Exploration Intern
  • Digital Strategy + Implementation Intern

Social Media Intern

Social Media is a huge part of what we do here at Paramount. As our social media intern, you’ll be working with real clients, developing real content streams, and posting to real profiles to maximize business potential. Do you have your finger on the digital pulse? Are you on the top of your social media game? Do you want to learn more about the business side of social strategy? If so, you may be a pretty good fit for our social media internship!

Projects + Exploration Intern

Our projects and exploration team works both face-to-face with clients and behind-the-scenes with our team to make everything happen properly. As a Projects + Exploration intern, you’ll be working with real clients, making sure their campaigns are running well, and exploring new opportunities for them to expand their reach online. Are you great with people? Organized and good at communication? Do you often come up with creative solutions to challenges? If so, you may be a pretty good fit for our Projects + Exploration Internship.

Digital Strategy + Implementation Intern

Digital strategy and implementation is what we do. As a DSI intern, you’ll be working behind the scenes to implement strategy, track progress, and measure success. You’ll be working on real campaigns, and responsible for real advertising dollars. You’ll also be expected to have input in strategy decisions based upon your research and the data involved. Do numbers “just get you”? Do you have a knack for analyzing data and drawing insights from it? Can you implement a strategic plan? If so, you may be a pretty good fit or our Digital Strategy + Implementation Internship.

Rough Requirements:

  • Pursuing BA/BS
  • Prefer 3.0 GPA or Higher
  • Prefer Marketing or Business broad-subject majors
  • Prefer Junior or Senior Level
  • Interest in digital communications and agency marketing
  • Residing in the Grand Rapids, MI area

The Nature of Our Internships

You are being asked to join a small but effective group of professionals that work efficiently and often very autonomously. You will be required to do much of the same – working from remote locations and often communicating digitally – to accomplish weekly, monthly, and project oriented tasks. Though some of your responsibilities will carry hard deadlines, the breakdown of work and its required prioritization with how it all gets done will (for the most part) be up to you to decide. Do you learn quickly? Make good decisions on the fly? Have a “just get it done and done well” mentality? Then you may be a pretty good fit for a Paramount Marketing Internship.

We want this internship to be valuable for everyone involved. Because of this, we expect your position and responsibility to evolve and expand as time moves on and your comfort with our operations sets in. What is intended to be, at minimum, a highly educational exposure into small firm and entrepreneurial life, could easily become a paid opportunity as we move forward. Therefore, the potential is yours to maximize.

Interested? Fill out the form on our Contact page, or email your resume and cover letter to hello@inspiredswell.com