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10 Reasons Why Your Company NEEDS a Strong Social Media Presence

Social media isn’t just vital for your business, it’s actually a lot of fun.

Trust us, we know the world of social media may seem overwhelming! That’s why  it’s so important to choose the correct social media platform for your business and utilize social media correctly. We still get the question regularly: “Is social media worth it?” Here’s why its not only worth it but why its vital to your business.

10 Reasons Why Your Company NEEDS a Strong Social Media Presence

  1. Limitless Potential – Extends your customer reach to an audience that might have never known about you. The potential for new customers is limitless. On the other side of that same coin, company’s can now get extremely focused with who they target on social media eliminating wasted marketing spend.
  2. Branding – Think of your social pages or profiles as an additional storefront.  Make sure when potential customers are coming to your online storefront, that they are seeing your company’s brand identity.
  3. Connecting to Potential Customers = Increase in sales.  You don’t necessarily need to take it from us – just look at Major brands across every industry. They are using social media to raise awareness of their new products and services to generate leads and new business. That’s because it works. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a huge brand, or a small family owned company….if social media is done right, it will increase your sales.
  4. Social Media is the new Search – Yes people use Google and Bing still to search but they are also staying on their social media channels and searching for the answer as well as SOCIAL PROOF through reviews, etc.
  5. It’s Free!  Setting up your pages is free. Maintaining them is another story because it does take time and resources.  Hopefully after reading this list you see how important a strong social media presence is.
  6. Share Your Strengths and Insights– This is the new way to advertise your company’s value proposition!   Social Media has transformed business marketing into a forum that has trackable engagement and interactivity.  By sharing your strengths on social media, you position your company as the experts in your industry.
  7. Building Relationships with Direct Access – Customers, friends, fans, supporters have direct access to you which is something they have never had before. This can mean a lot of additional feedback, but also a built in engine to help manage it. The new age of customer service is here.
  8. Social Media Influences Search Engine Rankings– Search Engines incorporate social media into their algorithm when calculating results, so having a strong presence in Social Media carries over into SEO
  9. Competition – If your competitors are already using social media this should be a “no brainer.”  However, if they are not, you are a step above them. Companies that invest in Social Media now are connecting with their customers in a way other companies are not. Don’t just stand out in a a crowd, Rise ABOVE the crowd.
  10. Social Media is not going away!  It is not a fad, in fact it’s growing substantially, and staying for the foreseeable future.!   Time is increasing for the average person visiting social media websites, which means the time of reading newspapers, watching TV, and listening to radio is decreasing.

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